Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The place of design in learning

I have dithered for a while about doing this but I can't put if off any longer, even if my main reason is that everyone else I know is already doing it - blogging I mean.

There is so much going on at the moment in the L&D world about which I feel strongly and with which I am actively involved, that I am now humbled into thinking why should I keep it all to myself?

On Tuesday, at a British Institute for Learning and Development Connect meeting, I decided that the time had come to 'publish'. The meeting was concerned with Learning Design ( a subject about which I am immensely passionate) and Web 2.0 applications. Whilst I write articles regularly for a well-known publisher, these are only read by those who subscribe to the publication. One of the strengths of blogging is to publish your views for anyone to read and, more importantly, to comment on.

The use of blogs, wikis and social networking were all covered in the meeting from both technological and learning perspectives. As one of the speakers, I did my best to look at these applications from a learning perspective, as I have never liked seeing the technology tail wagging the learning dog and there was certainly a lot of wagging going on I can tell you!

I've now got to get to grips with this blogging technology, so my apologies if my early posts are somewhat on the basic side but I will try to improve in this regard. I am also aware that, in the fullness of time, I might decide that the decision I took on Tuesday was the equivalent of some glorified ego trip, in which case my blogging days will be over - I really hope that it doesn't come to this though.